Recognition of Prior Learning

Students with a Fort Cox Diploma in Agriculture:

A B Agric student may apply for credit for some of the modules he has obtained from the three year agriculture diploma from Fort Cox College of Agriculture. He must prior to first registration for the three year Fort Cox Agriculture Diploma, have obtained a matriculation exemption from the Matriculation Board of South Africa. A BSc Agric student may also apply for credit (under the same conditions), but s/he will be required to do all the BSc modules in the first year.
A B Agric student with an agriculture diploma from an educational institution in South Africa other than Fort Cox College of Agriculture, may also apply for credit for some modules. The normal procedure for the application of credits from another institution is followed. It is the student’s responsibility to enquire from the academics if they can receive credit for a module done at another institution if it is similar to the UFH module. Applications must be received before the first Faculty Board meeting of the year. Matriculation Board exemption requirements apply.

Note: If the Diploma was used to gain entry into the University, such Diploma cannot be used to gain credits.