Postgraduate - PhD


A learner shall be admitted to the PhD degree in a subject only with the permission of the Head of Department. Normally a learner will be admitted to a PhD programme in a subject in which an final mark of 65% in all the modules required at the Masters level was obtained.


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) may be obtained by means of research on an approved topic pursued under the guidance of a promoter appointed by Senate. 

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy may be obtained in any of the following subjects:

PhD in Agricultural Economics 
PhD in Agricultural Extension 
PhD in Crop Science 
PhD in Animal Science 
PhD in Soil Science 
PhD in Horticultural Science 
PhD in Pasture Science 
PhD in Applied Mathematics 
PhD in Applied Statistics
PhD in Biochemistry
PhD in Biostatistics 
PhD in Botany
PhD in Chemistry
PhD in Computer Science
PhD in Entomology
PhD in Epidemiology
PhD in Ethnobotany
PhD in Geography
PhD in Geology 
PhD in Mathematics
PhD in Mathematical Statistics
PhD in Microbiology
PhD in Physics
PhD in Zoology