Postgraduate - Masters


A learner shall be admitted to the Masters’ degree in a subject only with the permission of the Head of Department. Normally a learner will be admitted to a Masters’ programme in a subject in which an average mark of 60% in all the modules required at the honours level was obtained.


The degree may be conferred cum laude on a candidate who obtains a mark of not less than 75% for:
(a) the dissertation, where no examination is written; or
(b) the dissertation and examination combined, where an examination is written.

The degree may be obtained in any of the following options, in consultation with the Head of Department concerned and subject to the approval of the Board:

71000 M Agric in Agricultural Economics 
71001 M Agric in Agricultural Extension 
72500 MSc Agric in Agricultural Economics 
72502 MSc Agric in Crop Science 
72503 MSc Agric in Animal Science 
72504 MSc Agric in Soil Science 
72505 MSc Agric in Horticultural Science 
72506 MSc Agric in Pasture Science
41501 Applied Mathematics (Coursework)
41520 Applied Mathematics (Research)
41507 Applied Remote Sensing and GIS (Research)
41514 Applied Statistics (Coursework)
41521 Applied Statistics (Research)
41512 Biochemistry (Research)
41515 Biostatistics and Epidemiology (Coursework)
41502 Botany (Research)
41503 Chemistry (Research)
41504 Computer Science (Research)
41516 Ethnobotany (Research)
41505 Entomology (Research)
71002 Environmental Studies (MPhil) (Coursework)
41506 Geography (Research)
41517 Geology (Research)
41513 Mathematics (Coursework)
41524 Mathematics (Research)
41508 Mathematical Statistics (Coursework)
41522 Mathematical Statistics (Research)
41509 Microbiology (Research)
41523 Physics (Coursework)
41510 Physics (Research)
41511 Zoology (Research)