Undergraduate Courses

The first year modules in Physics are offered in two streams, viz. Physics Major and Physics Ancillary.
The latter is offered over two semesters at the 100 level and is intended for learners who would like a background in Physics without calculus (i.e. an average background in Mathematics), and who would major in Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Entomology, Microbiology and/or Zoology. Candidates who have successfully completed these ancillary modules would not automatically qualify to do a second year in Physics, but may apply to the Head of Department for admission, who will make a recommendation to the Faculty.
The Physics Major programme is intended for learners who would like to continue their studies in Physics to the 200 and 300 level and who have a good background in Mathematics.
Level 100 Ancillary Modules
PHY 113         : Elementary Mechanics 
PHY 114         : Heat and Modern Physics
PHY 123         : Electromagnetism
PHY 124         : Waves and Optics
Level 100 Major Modules
PHY 111         : Mechanics of a Particle
PHY 112         : properties of Matter and
PHY 121         : Electricity and Magnetism
PHY 122         : Waves, Vibrations & Optics 
Level 200 Modules
PHY 211         : Mechanics
PHY 212         : Electromagnetism and AC Theory
PHY 221         : Waves, Vibrations and Optics
PHY 222         : Advanced Electromagnetism
PHY 223         : Analogue Electronics
Level 300 Modules
PHY 311         : Modern Physics
PHY 312         : Thermal Physics
PHY 321        : Quantum Mechanics  and Solid State Physics
PHY 322         : Mathematical Methods and Statistical Mechanics