Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics

 The department of Mathematics (Pure & Applied ) is under the  Faculty of Science and Agriculture.  It is located in the eastern wing of the Livingstone Building and has offices and lecture rooms on both floors of the building.  This department is one of the offers courses in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics up to  doctoral level.  Since Mathematics is a 'universal' subject, our syllabi are regularly compared to those offered at other Universities and revised if necessary. This ensures quality and acceptance of our courses by other institutions. We are also involved in outreach programs (bringing mathematics closer to the disadvantaged), teaching and research.

The Department offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our undergraduate courses fall into three categories.

 (i) Introductory Mathematics

These courses form part of our outreach programme and are intended for candidates who only have grade 10 (Std 8) Mathematics, or those with an E (standard grade) or lower symbol in Matriculation Mathematics. Candidates who pass these courses can register for any module offered at the University that requires a pass mark in matriculation Mathematics. Candidates with a D or a higher symbol (standard grade) in matriculation Mathematics will not receive credit for these courses.

(ii)  Mathematics for Teachers

Students who intend to take teaching as a career take a set of suitable modules in their second and third years respectively. Students can continue to Honours level with the appropriate set of courses.

(iii)  Mathematics for Major

This last category is mainly intended for students who are “strong” in mathematics , have a deep passion for it and intend to explore mathematics beyond the Honours level.

Our current research interests are in the areas of Fuzzy mathematics, Numerical analysis of ordinary differential equations, Numerical quadrature and Integral equations.

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Name Position Tel
Dr. S. Ngcibi Head of Department 040-602 2175
Ms. N. Mtise Administrator 040-602 2343