BCH211: Introductory Biochemistry
BCH212: Physical Biochemistry
BCH213: General biochemistry for Agriculture
BCH221: Metabolism
BCH222: Physical Biochemistry and Enzymology
BCH311: Metabolism
BCH312: Theory of laboratory techniques
BCH321: Physiological Biochemistry
BCH322: Selected topics in Biochemistry
BCH501: Structure of biomolecules and metabolism
BCH502: Advanced theory of techniques
BCH503: Molecular biology and genetic engineering
BCH504: Current topics in Biochemistry
BCH505: Practical and project presentations
BCH506: Seminars
BCH700: Master of Science in Biochemistry
BCH900: Phd (Doctor of Philosophy) in Biochemistry
BCH900: DSc (Doctor of Science) in Biochemistry
MIC211: Introduction to Microbiology
MIC212: Mendelian Genetics &Chromosomal inheritance
MIC221: Soil and Environmental Microbiology
MIC222: Microbial Genetics
MIC311: Microbial Physiology and Metabolism
MIC312: Immunology, Virology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
MIC321: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
MIC321: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
MIC501: General Microbiology
MIC502: Techniques in Microbiology
MIC503: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
MIC504: Biotechnology and Environmental Microbiology
MIC505: Practical and Project Presentation
MIC506: Seminars
MIC700: Master of Science in Microbiology
MIC900: Phd (Doctor of Philosophy) in Microbiology
MIC900: DSc (Doctor of Science) in Microbiology