Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology


  • Excellence in teaching and research. Guarantee academic and personal rewards.
  • Equipping students with critical and analytical reading and writing skills.
  • Enable students to understand and evaluate literature from the African continent and beyond using theoretical and linguistic skills attained within the programme of study.
  • Encourage undergrads to pursue postgraduate studies and degrees.


Mission Statement

Our Department is composed of seasoned scientists pursuing endeavors that are not only essential to the research and education missions of the University of Fort Hare, but also directed at meeting peculiar community based needs and national aspirations. We are the home of the disciplines of Biochemistry arid Microbiology in a professional Faculty of Science and Agriculture. The faculty members span the breadth of both disciplines, as the Department's name suggests. This has given, and continues to give, a high degree of complementarity with minimal overlap in expertise and the ability to bring multiple viewpoints to bear on a single research topic. As a result the work of the faculty is interdisciplinary, with a high degree of mutually reinforcing research and teaching & additionally, we serve as an intellectual resource for other departments due to our emphasis on Biochemistry and Microbiology in the broadest, discipline-oriented sense. Our undergraduate and Honours students specializes in either of the options of Microbiology or Biochemistry, and our curricula including postgraduate research are designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century academia.