Mission & Vision


As an applied science, agricultural economics draws on the tools of economics and other disciplines to tackle real human problems, not least rural poverty, food insecurity, and the various challenges facing subsistence producers and smallholders. The University of Fort Hare’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension is based at the University campus in Alice, Eastern Cape, which was part of the former Ciskei homeland. The broader area of Nkonkobe Local Municipality encompasses a mix of towns, rural villages, and commercial farming areas. The Department espouses a philosophy whereby its research and teaching activities are grounded in local realities, although by no means limited to the immediate area. At the same time, the Department seeks to contribute to the development of knowledge and theory with which to better address contemporary and prospective social and economic problems.



To be a world-class teaching and research institution in the fields of Agricultural Economics and Extension, while being immersed in the realities of rural Eastern Cape, South Africa and Africa.



To empower students through the best possible education in Agricultural Economics and Extension, grounded in local, national and regional realities, while contributing to the defeat of rural poverty and exclusion in the Eastern Cape and beyond through high-quality, applied research.