Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

The University of Fort Hare’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension is one of South Africa’s oldest and most distinguished academic programmes in the field. The Department focuses on skills development and research in the economic analysis of farming systems and value chains, of government policies and programmes, and with particular attention to natural resources, extension services and rural livelihoods. Students and staff address themselves to various levels of analysis, from household, to community, to national, and finally to global. From undergraduate studies through to postdoctoral research, our research focus areas create a lot of energy and activity which enables us to maintain excellence in each of the focus areas of marketing, agribusiness management, finance, policy, economic development, extension services and natural resource economics.


The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension offers two main programmes,


  1. Agricultural Economics and,
  2. Agricultural Extension & Production.


At undergraduate level, the Department offers the following degrees:

  1. B Agricultural Economics,
  2. B Agricultural Extension / Production, and
  3. BSc Agricultural Economics.


The Department also offers postgraduate degrees at honours, masters and doctorate levels, as follows:

  1. B Agricultural Economics (Hons),
  2. B Agricultural Extension (Hons),
  3. BSc Agricultural Economics (Hons),
  4. M Agric in Agricultural Economics, 
  5. M Agric in Agricultural Extension, 
  6. MSc Agric in Agricultural Economics,
  7. PhD in Agricultural Economics, and
  8. PhD in Agricultural Extension.