Paramount Chief Kaizer Daliwonga Matanzima

Honorary Degree Conferred: 
Doctor of Law
Year awarded: 

Kaiser Matanzima was a chief of the Thembus.  When the South African government introduced the Bantu Authorities Act in the 1950s, the Bunga, the council of Transkei chiefs, rejected it. Matanzima, however, persuaded the Bunga to accept the Act in 1955. The Act was intended by South Africa to give chiefs more local power, but at the same time use them as puppets to control the homelands. In 1963 the South African authorities granted Transkei self-government, and Matanzima was elected as chief minister. Soon afterwards, he founded the Transkeian National Independence Party with his brother, George Matanzima. Kaiser Matanzima started pressing the South African government for independence, and in 1976 Transkei was the first Black homeland to become independent, with Matanzima as Prime Minister. His brother George became the Minister of Justice. But it was independence in name only – the Transkei remained reliant on finances and military aid from South Africa, and apart from Israel and Taiwan, no other foreign country would accept its sovereignty.

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