Public Law

The Department of Public Law focusses on the administration and delivery of modules that are traditionally associated with public law in that they involve, inter alia, the regulation of relationships between persons and the state, between organs of the state, spheres of government as well as aspects of Public International law.

Modules that fall under the Department of Public Law start in the second year of the LLB with Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Criminal Law. These are followed in the final year by Public International Law, Human Rights Law and Social Security Law.  In addition the Faculty offers electives that fall under this Department which include Advanced Constitutional law, Advanced Administrative Law and Local Government law.

In addition the multidisciplinary Diploma in Local Government law and Administrative that comprises Law, Public Administration and Development Studies modules is located under the Department. Sort courses ancillary to this qualification also fall under this Department.

Further the Faculty offers opportunities for postgraduate students to undertake research towards LLM as well as LLD degrees in various areas of Public Law. The MPhil (Humana Rights) which is offered by the OR Tambo Chair for Human Rights also deals with Public Law.