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Dr Tapiwa Shumba
Senior Lecturer | Mercantile Law
LLB Cum Laude, LLM, LLD

Tapiwa Shumba specialises in international business transactions, economics and policy; legal research; and law in general. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Cum Laude UFH); Master of laws in international Commercial law from the University of Cape Town (LLM UCT) and a Doctor of laws Degree in Mercantile from Stellenbosch University (LLD Stellenbosch). He has published articles and provided analysis for local and international media on various topics ranging from international economics law, criminal law, politics and other legal matters. The topic of his LLD dissertation is “Harmonising the Law of Sale in the Southern African Development Community (SADC): An Analysis of Selected Models.” His research interests range from business transactions; international economics laws and diplomacy; and law in general. He is currently a Senior law lecturer in the Faculty of Law at University of Fort Hare, having held the same position at the University of Limpopo. He is an advocate of the High Court of South Africa