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Faculty of Law


University of Fort Hare

Mercantile law concerns the obligations and rights that come out of business transactions. It relates to partnerships, sales of goods, contracts, insolvency, insurance, and the like. Essentially, anyone who carries out commercial transactions, whether that be a person, partnership, or joint stock company, is governed by mercantile law.

The aggregate of rules of procedure or practice. Also called adjectival law, as opposed to that body of law that the courts are established to administer (called substantive law), it means the rules according to which thesubstantive lawis administered, e.g., Rules ofcivil procedure. That part of the law that provides a method for enforcing or maintaining rights, or obtaining redress for their invasion. Pertains to and prescribes the practice, method, procedure, or legal machinery by which substantive law is enforced or made effective.



Public law controls public agencies or bodies acting in a public capacity. Agencies like local authorities or government departments are public bodies. The following public administrative bodies can be named as public bodies: Government ministers, departments, and agencies, local authorities, health authorities, the police, prisons, courts, or any other regulatory and monitoring bodies.