Public Administration


The Department of Public Management is a vibrant learning centre that facilitates a critical, compassionate and self-sustaining public sector and communities in Africa and globally.



At the core of the agenda of the Department and its sub-units, irrespective of specialisation, is the notion of development as:

  • Goal: Desirable end and regenerative movement towards an integrated, sustainable socio-cultural and economic betterment, with ‘end’ being continuously redefined
  • Process: Enactment of movement, or actions facilitative of development of people and their material and social environment
  • Intellectual Construct: Integration and creative balancing of three critical elements  manifest in curriculum content and pedagogy, organisation and relations, as well as approach to other tasks and concerns
  • Community Service: Learning community approach to knowledge as negotiated construct, cognisant of context, valuing experience and alternative worldviews, emphasis on dialogical pedagogic settings
  • Collaborative Action: Shared activities, programmes and modules to optimise School/Units resources and address essential elements, for an example common grounding modules