Master of Science in Applied Remote Sensing & GIS

Admission Requirements

Admission to the programme is dependent on the candidate's background, as well as the availability of adequate supervision in the candidate's chosen area.

A Masters of Science Degree in Applied Remote Sensing and GIS can be obtained by means of an approved dissertation only. 

GIS 700:       Remote Sensing and GIS Dissertation

Purpose:       Students at this level will be required to plan, execute, and write up a Masters dissertation dealing with a topic of interest, which was selected with the assistance of their supervisor(s).

Contents:     The student will select a research project topic in conjunction with a supervisor.

Instruction:   Teaching of research skills through supervision of the research project.

Credits:         256

Assessment: The student will be assessed (both internally and by two external examiners) based on their submitted dissertation. The dissertation must contribute to the scientific knowledge and insight of a selected subject, with clear evidence of individual and original scientific thought.

Prerequisites: BSc Honours in Applied Remote Sensing and GIS.

Target group: Students having successfully completed a BSc Honours Degree with the prerequisites wishing to pursue a Masters Degree in Remote Sensing and GIS.

Course Code: 
Level of Study: 
Duration of Study: 
2 Years