Welcome to the Department of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Fort Hare.  We trust that you will enjoy ‘surfing’ with us.

First established as a Department at the Alice Campus of the University in 1944, Geography and Environmental Science is the first Department within the University’s Faculty of Science and Agriculture to offer degree programmes at both the Alice and the East London campuses.


The Department has relatively grown, with approximately 300 undergraduate, and about 100 postgraduate students (Honours, Masters and PhD), ten academic and administrative support staff.

The Department is committed to academic excellence.  Its undergraduate degree programme is carefully balanced between Physical and Human Geography, with emphasis on their integration, particularly through field studies.  The postgraduate programme is strongly conceptually and deductively informed, thereby providing a rich theoretical foundation for empirical research. In addition, the department is committed in training young minds on the aspects of Geography (Economic, settlement), Environmental sciences (EIA, Integrated Environmental Management) and GIS & Remote Sensing (theory and application).

Academic members of staff bring strategic skills and talents to the Department, including local and international academic training, professional education qualifications, multi-faceted lecturing and learning experiences, dedicated commitment to research, and an exceptional drive towards social justice and community development.  These attributes complement those of the Department’s post-doctoral fellows and students from countries such as France, Morocco, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana, Ghana, Cameroon, Swaziland and South Africa.

The Department’s principal objective is to build and sustain a strong, vibrant and critical cohort of postgraduate students, dedicated to challenging established modes of thinking and research in selected geographical, environmental sciences, climate change, food security, water quality, risk and vulnerability aspects, GIS and remote sensing of the environment..


The Department of Geography and Environmental Science commenced offering postgraduate degree programmes at the University’s East London Campus since the beginning of the 2007 Academic Year.  Programmes are offered on a full-time or part-time basis for the BSc Honours, MSc, MPhil (Environmental Studies) and PhD degrees at East London.  Lectures and seminars are conducted in five block week sessions during the academic year.

The University Senate also approved in May 2006 the migration of the Geography and Environmental Science undergraduate degree programmes to East London. Full details regarding the degree programmes, admission requirements and course contents can be found under the section of the website entitled “Course Outlines”.

The University of Fort Hare has a tuition waiver system for duly qualifying Masters and PhD students.  For details regarding these tuition waivers, please contact the University’s Govan Mbeki Research and Development Centre (GMRDC).

The department reserves the right to grant admission based on the availability of the supervisor.