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Management Structure and Governance

The RAVAC management structure and governance will be composed of Executive Committee (EC) the Project Leader, Project Director. These structures will be in place to meet project goals and milestones in a timely fashion, assure that the project direction remains relevant to stakeholders and allocate resources appropriately. The EC will be a representative body composed of the GMRDC and Faculty of Science and Agriculture professionals, ADRI and Community Engagement staff, and other interested parties. The EC will be meeting at least twice per month. The EC will have the responsibility of:

  • Approve annual work plans, monitoring and assuring compliance with project proposal
  • Encourage and endorse collaborations/partnership that align with objectives of the RAVAC project
  • Direct process of giving logo and website
  • Assure that decision making is consistent with the project vision, mission, objectives and principles listed previously, and that major decisions of the Project Leader and Director are supported by group consensus.
  • If good faith efforts cannot achieve consensus, the Project Leader in conjunction with the Project Director will make final decisions based on their interpretation of the projects objectives and principles.
  • The Project Leader is the ultimately accountable to the funding agency of the project, and so has the final decision making authority in this area.
  •  The Project Director is answerable to the Project Leader


Director and Staff: Key Performance Areas

 The Project Director will be responsible for the following;

  • Manage day-to- day operation of the project, and will regularly consult with the Project Leader regarding progress and direction.
  • Set timeframes for set activities
  • Coordinate project research and education (awareness workshops)
  • Develop and maintain the website
  • Facilitate communication among participants
  • Assist with budgets, paperwork and drafting project reports
  • Provide technical accurate guidance to investigators and staff relating to spending, reporting and other decisions directly related to the project funding and research activities.
  • Project Leader in conjunction with Project Director identifying and inviting members for the Executive Committee/ Advisory Board

  Post-docs and graduate students involved

  All students engaged in the RAVAC project are expected to actively participate in

  • Programme-wide activities, such as annual meetings (when possible reports, and team activities
  • Present research findings at annual meetings and/or other relevant conferences
  •  Graduates are expected to publish results in NATED journals
  • Decisions about research topics will be decided by the Project Leader, Project Director and  the supervisors concerned in keeping with the RAVAC objectives