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Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Risk and Vulnerability Centre Science (RVSC) at the University of Fort Hare is offering bursaries for Masters and Ph.D students interested in conducting research within a broad area of Global Change studies shown in the table below.

Alternative topics at Local, District or Provincial level in the EC, BUT not limited to research focus below:
1. Trends of climate change and future implications for agriculture
2. Analysis of climate change adaptation and resilience, implementation structures, policies and institutions
3. Climate change impact on human health and adaptation strategies
4. Communicating Climate Change to non- scientific specialists
5. Flood hazards in shanty towns
6. The role of industry and civil society in addressing the impacts of climate change
7. ICT for climate change and storm water management
8. Impact of climate change on water service delivery.
9. Climate change and ecosystem services

The bursaries are for full-time Masters (@ R80,000 p.a.) and full-time Doctoral (@R120,000 p.a.). The bursary will be renewed for a maximum of one year depending on satisfactory reporting of progress at the end of each semester, and subject to the availability of funding from NRF.

PLEASE NOTE Preference will be given to South African citizens and Permanent Residents Female students are encouraged to apply.

Applicants are required to provide a CV, academic record and proposal (max of 2 pages) and motivation letter from the prospective supervisor across disciplines.

Applications are to be e-mailed to and the closing date is 28th April, 2019