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Applications are now open for the ACCESS "Habitable Planet" Undergraduate training workshops

Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Applied Centre for Climate and Earth System Science (ACCESS) will be hosting a workshop from the 4th to the 14th July 2019, in partnership with the University of Fort Hare. The workshop explores the following question: In an age where thousands of planets have been discovered, why is the Earth unique in being the only one known to be habitable? These habitable conditions on Earth depend on the interactions between the atmosphere, biosphere, oceans and solid earth including phenomena such as El Nino, the circulations of the atmosphere and oceans, the drifting of the continents and the ice ages. The course will include a focus on human-environment relationships, both in the distance past and present, to investigate the impact that future climate
change may have.

The HPWs employ an innovate curriculum which uses South Africa’s globally unique physical/biological and cultural landscapes to introduce 3rd and 4th year students (from a diverse range of field from mathematics to sociology / law) to the concept of Earth System Science. The workshops employ an exciting combination of lectures, computer exercises, contemporary documentaries, peer discussion and appropriate field excursions to tell the story of why the Earth is habitable and why South Africa is such a special place in it. The workshop also aims to expose scholars to the range of master’s degree courses and career choices available in the field of Earth System Science.

If you wish to apply please follow this link:

You are required to complete and submit the form online, only successful applicants will be contacted.A travel bursary is available for selected students; please see application form for more info. All other costs are fully covered for all successful applicants.

DEADLINE – 28th OF APRIL, 2019

For further enquiries:
Dr Carl Palmer
+27 (0)21 658 3991
Fort Hare
James Donald Nyamahono (PhD Candidate)
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