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Operational Principles and Guidelines

The RAVAC project comprises a diverse team of staff and collaborators working together toward common a goal. When people work together, the potential for misunderstanding and conflicts exist, even when all involved are well-intentioned. Thus to establish guidelines for dealing with potentially difficulty situations before those situations arise the participants are to adhere to the core values and principles as follow:

  •  Develop and support a culture of mutual respect and trust
  • Adhere to rigorous scientific approaches and principles
  • Share a group commitment to building long-term capacity for cross-function work (Research+ Education +Community Engagement). Which will require us to reach out beyond our disciplinary focus areas
  •  Hold ourselves and each other accountable to the goals/objectives  and outcomes of the project with regard to data delivery, data sharing and cross-aim collaboration, and to be responsive to requests for information, data and collaborations
  • Strive for full attribution of credit
  • Be equitable in our dealings with each other
  • Foster an environment conducive to intellectual stimulation and growth for all those involved in the project