Dr Sampson Mamphweli

Dr Sampson Mamphweli is a Senior Researcher at the University of Fort Hare, Institute of Technology, he possesses a Doctor of Phylosophy degree in Physics from the University of Fort Hare, South Africa, a Master of Environmental Sciences degree from the University of Venda, South Africa. He is also in possession of a Certificate in Financing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency from RENAC Renewables based in Germany. Dr Mamphweli also possesses the GreenPower Mini-MBA from the GreenPower Academy based in Britain. He is a recipient of the prestigious University of Fort Hare Vice Chancellor’s Emerging Researcher medal for the year 2012. Dr Mamphweli conducts research on renewable energy technologies and their applications, and he is a respected authority in the biomass to energy field. He has published up to 18 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings including two book chapters. Dr Mamphweli reviews papers for publication in several journals in the engineering and renewable energy fields of study. His current area of research interest includes biomass gasification for electricity generation, biogas digesters, co-gasification of coal and biomass for electricity generation as well as solar energy technologies.