Amos Apraku

Name: Amos Apraku (PhD Candidate)
Research topic: Assessing risk perceptions and vulnerability in the context of climate change: The case of peri-urban communities in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Research areas: Poverty, Food Security, Climate Change, Risk and Vulnerability, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

Objectives of Study:The main aim of the study is to examine vulnerability as well as perceived and actual risks posed by climate change in peri-urban settlements in Port Elizabeth and further to assess how assets mediate people’s risks perceptions and feelings of vulnerability.  The specific objectives are;

  1.  To assess the level of climate change awareness among peri- urban communities in Port Elizabeth and how climatic change is articulated in community level discussions.
  2. To analyse the actual risks associated with climate change in peri-urban Port Elizabeth according to available South African meteorological data and the extent to which communities are aware of these risks.
  3. To examine the extent to which residents’ assets mediate actual and perceived risks to climate change within their vulnerability context.
    where Assets refer to:
  1. Physical capital, i.e. the stock of plants, equipment, infrastructure, and other productive resources owned by an individual, a household, a community, or a nation (see Moser 1998).
  2. Financial capital, i.e. the financial resources available to people, such as savings and supplies of credit.
  3. Human capital, i.e. investments in education, health and nutrition of individuals.
  4. Social capital, i.e. rules, norms, obligations, reciprocity, and trust embedded in social relations, social structures and societies’ institutional arrangements.
  5. Natural capital, i.e. the stock of environmental assets such as soil, atmosphere, forests, minerals, water and wetlands (Moser, et al, 2012).  
  6. Ideational capital, i.e. indigenous knowledge about how to cope with adverse environmental conditions (see Akpan, 2011).

Conferences Proceedings

  • Poverty and Urban Food Security in South Africa; the way forward.  A paper presented at the 18th South African Sociological Association Congress, UCT, Cape Town in July, 2012 by A. Apraku and P. Moyo
  • Peri-Urban communities’ risk and Vulnerability to Climate Change South Africa, the mediating role of Assets.  A paper presented at the 1st National Delegates Conference on Global Change at Johannesburg in November, 2012  by A. Apraku, P. Moyo, and W. Akpan  

Work in Progress

  • Local knowledge, global ignorance; insights from African climate change studyA paper to be presented  at the 19th South African Sociological Association Congress, UNISA, Pretoria in July, 2013 by A. Apraku  P. Moyo, and W. Akpan
  • Rural versus Urban Food Security strategies; Political gimmicks and recipe for ‘doomed’ posterity in Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. A paper to be published in a reputable journal by A. Apraku  P. Moyo, and W. Akpan.