Prof V. Muchenje (Executive Member)

Prof V Muchenje
Full Name: 
Voster Muchenje Email:

Qualifications: PhD in Meat Science, PGDHET (UFH), MSc. Animal Science, BSc. Agriculture (Hons) (University of Zimbabwe).

  • Y2(Young Emerging) NRF Rated Researcher
  • Founding Member of the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS)
  • Current H-Index 10

Recipient of the 2010 Vice Chancellor's Emerging Research Award

Research Interests:
1.         Meat Science and Technology
2.         Use of genetics in characterisation of livestock breeds
3.         Nguni cattle
4.         Sheep and Goat production
5.         Animal welfare


Research Grants and Postgraduate student support

1.    Adam Fleming Nguni Cattle Project (2005 - Present)

2.     National Research Foundation (NRF) THRIP Meat Science and Animal Welfare (2012 - 2014)

3.      National Research Foundation (NRF) Meat Science: Genomics to Nutrinomics SARCHi (co-chair and hosted at Stellenbosch, 2012 - 2016)

4.       National Research Foundation (NRF) Woman and Young Researchers Support (2011-2012)

5.       National Research Foundation (NRF) Y-Rated (Young Emerging) Researchers' incentive (2010 -2014)

6.       Meat Industry Trust Supervisor-linked scholarships (2010 -2012)

7.       Govan Mbeki Research and Development Centre (GMRDC) research and scholarship funds (2008-current)

8.       National Research Foundation (NRF) Supervisor-linked scholarships (2010- current)


Teaching Responsibilities:

In addition to his administrative duties in the department, he supervises several PhD, MSc and Honours students. He also teaches several honours and undergraduate courses in Meat Science, Beef and Wildlife Management, Smallstock Science, Animal breeding, Dairy Science and Technology, Introduction to Animal Science and Research projects.  

Community Engagement:                  

Offers farmer training services.

Offers advisory services to the Nguni Cattle Project.


He has developed active collaborations with the following organizations:

1.      Kellogg Foundation

2.      Agricultural Research Council

3.      National and Eastern Cape Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development

4.      University of Free State

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