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Here's a list of our sponsors

Department of Science and TechnologyThe mission of the Department of Science and Technology is to develop, coordinate and manage a national system of innovation that will bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life. 
Japan International Cooperation Agency
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is advancing its activities around the pillars of a field-oriented approach, human security, and enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, and speed.
IDCIndustrial Development Corporation - We provide finance for industrial development projects, playing a catalytic role in promoting partnerships across industries within and outside our borders, promoting regional economic growth.
DoRTDepartment of Roads and Transport Eastern Cape - The mission is to provide, develop, regulate and / or enhance a safe and affordable multi-modal transport system which is integrated with land use to ensure optimal mobility of people and goods in the Province of the Eastern Cape in pursuance of the strategic focus areas contained in the Provincial Growth and Development Plan.
South African Agency for Science and Technology AdvancementSAASTA is a business unit of the National Research Foundation (NRF) with the mandate to advance public awareness, appreciation and engagement of science, engineering and technology in South Africa. SAASTA’s contribution to the NRF’s vision is to grow the pool of quality learners today who will become the scientists and innovators of tomorrow.
HP South Africa"Success hinges on consistency of leadership, focus, execution, and most importantly, great products and services"
Meg Whitman - HP President and CEO
With its emergence as a diversified, international corporate leader, Toyota has an established set of values, beliefs, principles and business methods that act as the lifeblood of the company; we call them The Toyota Way.
Two main pillars support The Toyota Way: Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.
TRAC SATRAC South Africa is a national, non-profit programme, the objective of which is to support science and technology education in South African secondary schools. The TRAC Programme seeks to enable and encourage learners to enter into careers in science, engineering, and technology. In particular, the programme focuses on providing equipment, syllabus content, vocational guidance information, and a variety of other material to developing communities where resources are limited.
SUNSTEPSUNSTEP tries to encourage, motivate and inspire learners with regards to Science and Technology. The programme stresses the importance of Mathematics and Science as high school learning areas and highlights the many career opportunities that Electronics has to offer. 
National Science and Technology ForumThe NSTF has a proud history of involvement with SETI policy issues and the promotion of discussion about SETI matters, as well as experience since 1998 organising the prestigious NSTF Awards. The NSTF is a vehicle for organisations to give expert input to Government policy and a platform to express the views of an organization's management, members and employees regarding science, engineering, technology and innovation (SETI) policies.