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Astro Quiz 2015

FOSST-DC in partnership with the Department of Education (Eastern Cape Province) hosted the Astronomy quiz for the first time this year (2015), which is a competition aimed at Grade 7 learners based on themes around astronomy. The quiz is run as a knock-out event. Teams of four grade 7 learners per schools enter, with each participating school being allowed to field one team. The first round (written quiz) was administered in respective schools where the top four learners to represent the teams were selected. The teams of four from different schools around the province were hosted for the second round (Oral quiz) at the FOSST-DC, in Queenstown and Mount Free to cater for all the educational districts that were part of the competition. In each venue 8 teams were chosen to go through to the third round, where the competition will run through to the fifth and final round.