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National Science Week (NSW) is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) which aims to excite our youth with science at an early age and to encourage them to develop an interest in studying mathematics and science subjects. Whilst placing emphasis on our youth, awareness is also created amongst those sectors of society bearing an influence on the subject and career choices of learners.

Key objectives

·  to contribute to the development of a society which values and appreciates Science, Engineering & Technology (SET)

·  to provide a platform for scientists to engage each other and also to engage with the non-scientific community

·  to promote partnership between media and scientists

·  to profile the work of the DST and its priorities

·  to attract learners to SET career (including research)


National Science Week is being celebrated under the theme "The Role of Science in Economic Development".

University of Fort Hare host it annualy throught Fosst DC, to attract science learners around the Nkonkobe region