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HP Innovation in Education Grant Initiative

FOSST won the HP Innovation in Education Grant Initiative in South Africa -(2010-October-07)

The FOSST Discovery Centre has done it again! It is proud to announce that it is the recipients of 2010 HP Catalyst Grant Initiative worth $150,000. These are fruits of fundraising endeavors by Phumezo Kwinana, Manager of FOSST Discovery Centre who in 2009, was a grantee of 2009 HP Innovations in Education Grant, also from HP. His team is part of the Catalyst New Learner consortium, lead by the Agastya International Foundation in India. His current project is entitled, STEM+ Innovations for under-represented rural-based schools.

In a recent interview, Phumezo said "The role played by HP in improving education system local and around the world commendable. In our region, our focus is to re-image teaching using technology. We have done this in many ways. We have trained educators of the schools in the Province on teaching using the sponsored Tablet PCs. The learners enjoy this way of teaching and always look forward to the classes now. We also perform curriculum-based experiments using the Tablet PCs. We humbly request companies to financially support this initiative as we are confident that it will improve the education system in a positive way". Phumezo and Prof. Amos Mdebuka will attend the 2011 HP Catalyst Summit in India, New Delhi on 09 March 2011.