Developmental Research Activities to Support Food Security in Selected Municipal Districts

The 13 ‘subprojects’ comprising this research study, together with their respective leaders, are as follows:

  •  Improving the contribution of livestock (chickens) to household livelihoods in selected villages (P Masika, Fort Cox)
  • Investigate interventions to improve productivity of rural household chickens in Alice (P Masika, Fort Cox)
  • Climate change effects on small-scale livestock farmers (V Maphosa and J Mupangwa, UFH)
  • Investigate critical success and failure factors in Conservation Agriculture and its adoption in Eastern Cape and the rest of South Africa (P Mnkeni, UFH)
  • Investigate ecologically sound integrated nutrient management strategies compatible with the resource base of smallholder farmers (vermiculture) (P Mnkeni, UFH)
  • Investigation into agricultural based projects success and failures in Eastern Cape (T Chiguware, UFH)
  • Use of  woody plants for livestock in a changing climate: Assessing biomass production and nutritive value (S Beyene, UFH)
  • Private sector community forestry partnerships in the Eastern Cape (T Chivinge, Fort Cox)
  • Categorisation of non-timber forestry products (T Chivinge, Fort Cox)
  • Effects of home gardens on food security (M Aliber, UFH)
  • Socio-economic benefits of agricultural projects to surrounding communities (A Mushunje, UFH)
  • Parent characterisation and combining ability of quality protein maize (QPM) varieties for yield and its components (C Mutengwa, UFH)
  • Data collection in the province (T Chiguware, UFH)

Selected policy briefs and research outputs will be accessible from this page in the near future.

ARDRI and UFH would like to thank DAFF for its support, and acknowledges in particular that this project has funded the studies of over a dozen Honours, Masters and Doctoral candidates.