Enteprise & Networks


This service provides access to ITS for staff and students through various portals, for the purpose of management and administration of all financial, academic and personnel data

The service includes:

  • A process for creating new user accounts with the appropriate authorisation
  • A process for modifying access options with the appropriate authorisation
  • Keeping records of such changes
  • Resolve user problems where possible or escalate to ITS if necessary
  • Identify areas of training
  • Ensure system maintenance processes occur regularly
  • Notify users of downtime


This service provides for the maintenance, development and expansion of the university network on which all ICT services depend

The service includes:

  • Maintenance and upgrade of all servers and services listed below:
    • Authentication
    • Directory Services
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • DNS
    • Electronic Mail
    • Network File System
    • Web Hosting
    • Simple Network Management Protocol
    • Installation and Maintenance of all Wireless Access Points on all three campuses
    • Network Design and Development
    • SAN
    • VMWare