Access to ICT services

This service provides students, staff and visitors with a unique username and password to access IT services for the duration of their time at the University. This includes advice on logging in, changing passwords and obtaining access to services.


This service includes:

  • A unique username and password for all authorised users of University ICT services.
  • Liaising with business areas to determine rules governing identity management and access to ICT services
  • A process for the automatic creation of accounts and provisioning of access for University staff and students
  • A process for the creation of accounts for visitors
  • Processes for the disabling of accounts and of access to ICT services
  • Advice and troubleshooting of inquiries and issues relating to accounts and access to ICT services
  • Referral and escalation of access issues
  • Management of data between enterprise and identity systems based on defined business rules.
  • Managing authentication systems to ensure data and service access is appropriate for business requirements

This service does not apply to:

  • Access to Blackboard
  • Access to other specialised software managed by departments