Student selection and admissions process

1. Download the application forms or collect them from the Students Registration Office.

2. These are completed and returned to the Students Registration Office and get sorted per-Faculty.

3. Then the faculty selection committee (Deputy Dean: Teaching and Learning, Faculty Manager, HODs and Administrators) convenes to do the selection.

4. Admission is done on merit, using the Swedish point system (High scores are considered first in chronological order)

5. For interview programmes students are invited for presentations prior to selection *

6. The current matrics are provisionally accepted pending their matric final results and availability for admission into programmes, plus NBT results

7. The application forms are checked and signed by the Faculty Manager according to the admission status.

8. Once the forms are signed, they are given back to the Students Registration Office to capture the status which is then communicated to the students as backup.

9. The Faculty keeps records of the accepted students as backup. Wait listed students are considered after registration of accepted students

10. Accepted students get notification from the Students Registration Office.


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