General Rules– Fees

Fees are determined by the University Council each year and are subject to revision without notice.
Students with outstanding balances on their fees accounts:
• will not be permitted to graduate
• will not receive examination results
• will not receive an academic transcript
• will not be permitted to re‐register
• will not be permitted to write examinations
• will not be allowed into residences
• will be charged interest on outstanding accounts
• will be handed over to a debt collection agency for collection

Application Fee – Admission

(a) Non-refundable application fee to accompany all applications for admission by new students payable on or before the 30th September : R120.00
(b) Non‐refundable application fee to accompany all late applications for admission by new students after 30th September for any undersubscribed qualifications, as informed by the faculties: R 300.00

Application Fee – Residence

(a) Non-refundable application fee to accompany all applications for accommodation by new students payable on or before the 30th September : R 120.00
(b) Acceptance of accommodation payable before the 31st December : R 1000.00

Failure to pay the above amount of R1 000.00 by the due date will result in the residence place being reallocated to other students. The amount paid will be credited to the students account.

Minimum Initial Payment (MIP)

(a) Before any student is permitted to register at the University, the University requires such a student to make a Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) towards tuition of: R 3 500.00
(b) Before any student is permitted to occupy a residence, the University requires such a student to make a Minimum Initial Payment of: R1 000.00.
(c) All residence students are required to pay an Indemnity Fee of R 500.00.

Registration Fees

Upon registering all students will be charged the following:

(a) Registration Costs ............................................................ R550.00
(b) Student ID card:................................................................. R80.00
(c) Late registration fee:………………………………………............... R700.00
(d) Student levy:..................................................................... R2 000.00
(e) Student levy (part time students):...................……………… R1 000.00


Settlement of outstanding accounts

Detailed statements will be sent out to all students from March onwards. The University does not accept responsibility for incorrect addresses or postal service deficiencies resulting in statements of account not being received. It is the responsibility of the student to make enquiries should he/she not receive any statement of account. The fact that no statement has been received will not be accepted as a reason for failure to settle outstanding fees owing to the University by the due date.

The balance owing after the payment of the minimal initial payment (MIP) must be settled as follows:

(a) By the end of the first quarter (lectures end) .............30%
(b) By the end of the second quarter (lectures end) .......60%
(c) By the end of the third quarter (lectures end)..........100%

Failure to comply with the above will result in the University implementing the sanctions as outlined above.

Early Settlement Discounts
The following discounts are applicable for all students:
(a) Settlement of 100% of all fees during registration 10%
(b) Settlement of 75% of all fees during registration 5%

 Second Child Discounts
A discount is granted on tuition fees only for every additional child registered at the University.
A discount for every additional child registered ……………………..10%

Academic Performance Incentives

In order to attract, reward and retain top performing students the University offers following incentives on tuition to such students:
 New Undergraduates
(a) 34 to 38 Merit points……………………………………...R 3 500.00
(b) 39 to 42 Merit points……………………………………...R 4 500.00
(c) 43 to 47 Merit points……………………………………...R 5 500.00
(d) 48 to 100 Swedish points………………………………..Full tuition

Points % Obtained in Grade 12
8 90% +
7 80% to 89%
6 70% to 79%
5 60% to 69%
4 50% to 59%
3 40% to 49%
0 30% to 39%

In order for a first year student to qualify for the above award, they need to meet the following criteria:

(a) Must have obtained the minimum as stated above.
(b) Must have matriculated not more than 5 years prior to registration.
(c) Must be a South African Citizen
(d) May be a non‐South African citizen who pays for their own fees.
(e) Must be studying full time
(f) Must submit a certified copy of their matric results to the Student Accounts department before the 31 March each year
NB: Only the top six results are taken into consideration for the above mentioned award.

Current Returning Undergraduates
(a) 75 to 80 ‐ 50%
(b) 81 to 84 ‐ 55%
(c) 85 to 89 ‐ 60%
(d) 90 + ‐ 100%

In order to qualify for the above incentives a student will have to register for at least 100 credits on a full time basis or 50 credits on a part time basis for the full academic year.
In order for a student to qualify for the above award, they need to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • May be a non‐South African citizen who pays for their own fees
  • Must obtain an average of 70% and above for all subjects
  • Must have passed all their modules and should therefore have not failed a single module with a minimum of 100 credits registered in the previous academic year
  • The award is purely for students doing their first undergraduate qualification. No post graduate qualifications will be considered. This includes PGDip Acc, PGCE and LLB Post Graduate Stream.
  • The fee waiver is only awarded to returning students based on their previous year’s results.
  • Should a student skip a year or return after a period of longer than a year, then that student will be required to submit a motivation in order to be considered for a fee incentive.

All qualifying students who meet the said criteria as stated above will receive the incentive in the  form of a cash and these funds will be paid out directly to the qualifying students.

Methods of Payment

Payment via M65
The preferred method of payment is via the M65 form which is obtainable at any branch of Standard Bank or from the cashiers’ office at the University’s campuses.
In order to ensure prompt credit of payment students are encouraged to use this method of payment and ensure that their student number is reflected on the deposit slip.


Only Bank guaranteed cheques will be accepted by the cashier. Post‐ dated cheques will not be accepted. A R150.00 administration fee will be charged on all unpaid cheques and this amount will be debited to the student’s fees account. In addition to this the students account will be flagged not to receipt cheques in future and the drawer will be required to make an alternative payment within 7 days of being notified of the cheque being unpaid.

Direct deposits/internet payments

Direct deposits/internet payments can be made into the University’s bank account at:
Standard Bank:Alice Branch
Branch Code 050119
Account Number.28 210

The student number must be used as the reference when using this method of payment.

Debit and credit card payments
Debit and credit card payments for student fees are accepted and payments can be made via the cashier’s office by the card holder.

International payments

Where payment is being made for students from outside the rand currency area, payment must be made by telegraphic transfer into the University’s bank account
at Standard Bank, Alice; Branch Code 050119; Account Number: 28 210 1357 swift address, SBZAZAJJ.

To avoid the possibility of a payment not being timeously credited to the correct student fee account, it is essential that the student name and student number
are entered on the deposit slip/telegraphic transfer. Please fax a copy of the deposit slip/transfer to the Fees Office, University of Fort Hare (040) 653 1789.

Debit Orders

The University no longer offers a Debit order payments system. You are however advised to see the HOD: Student Accounts should you wish to make a monthly payment arrangement to settle your fees before the 31st January 2018.

Outstanding Fees

A student may not renew his/her registration unless his/her fees for the preceding year, or years have been paid in full.

Returning students who have been offered a place in residence will have their places cancelled on the 31st January  if outstanding fees are not paid by 19th January,

Students who have outstanding fees, fines, interest or dues will not be awarded degrees or diplomas in May if any amount is outstanding by the 1st March.
A student whose fees are not paid by the due date, and who has not produced evidence of receipt of bursary/scholarship/loan will be excluded from attendance at classes or from a residence unless arrangements have been made with the Student Accounts Manager.

A student must check his/her fee account on a regular basis. This is especially important prior to year‐end. Various charges may be debited to fee accounts if the student has not settled in full. Student may access their accounts via Student‐On‐Line.

No examination results will be released until all fees have been paid. A student or a past student will not be issued with a transcript of his/her results until all fees have been paid. A student will not be entitled to graduate or to receive a diploma or certificate unless all fees have been paid.
Where a student has prior outstanding fees, payments received will be allocated to clear unpaid interest first, followed by the oldest debt.
Where a student has been appointed by the University to work as a tutor or any other work, 60% of such remuneration will go towards the student account until such time that the account is settled in full.

 Credit Balances

All fees due to the University are a first charge on any scholarship, bursary or loan granted by the University or paid to the University from other sources for the benefit of the student. If the total bursary/scholarship exceeds fees due, the balance may be drawn by the student after July 31st if the University has received
payment of the bursary, and if this is part of the sponsorship agreement. Sponsors are required to provide written authorisation for refunds of credit balances to students.

A student to whom an advance is to be made, or to whom residual funds are to be disbursed is required to furnish the Fees offices with details of a valid bank account to which the monies owing would be paid through electronic transfer. Unless bank details are supplied as requested any bank charges incurred for drawing cheques will be debited to the student’s fee account. The University furthermore does not take responsibility for incorrect banking details being supplied or errors that may occur when effecting such electronic payments.

A period of 14 days from the day on which a payment is credited to a student account shall elapse before any refund is affected to a student.

Student identity cards must be produced to the Fees office and cashiers office when withdrawals or refunds from fee accounts are requested.

Any case which is not provided for in these rules will be subject to the ruling of Council.

Credits resulting from fee waivers shall not be refunded to students.