Research at the University of Fort Hare

The University of Fort Hare is committed to the promotion of research as a core university activity and to the building of research capacity. Its research strategy recognizes the need for researchto address local, regional and national needs. It seeks ways to engage in a critical dialogue withpartners to build research in areas which complement the University’s historical niche as anAfrican university whilst ensuring internationally recognized excellence.The University is supported by the National Research Foundation and participates in its IRDP, Thuthuka and Focus Area Programmes. It has approved Research Niche Area programmes in: Water Resource Management; Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use Strategies; Culture, Heritage and Social Transformation; and Rural Household Economics. In collaboration with THRIP, Telkom funds a Centreof Excellence in the Computer Science Department.

Among the major supporters of research are the CSIR, ESKOM, the Medical Research Council, the Mellon Foundation, SANPAD, the Development Bankof South Africa and the Water Research Commission, as well as national and provincial governmentdepartments.Research administration at the Faculty level is overseen by the Faculty Research Committees,which coordinate and promote research among staff and students while the administration andpromotion of post‐graduate studies at the Faculty level is overseen by the Faculty Higher Degree Committees.The office of the Dean of Research is housed in the Govan Mbeki Research and Development Centre (GMRDC) based at both the Alice and East London Campuses.