How to install and use the Shared Library Printers

Xerox manages all printers within the library, and all printing from WSU, UNISA and UFH will utilize these printers. For Billing purposes, the printers has been fitted with a card reader for staff and students to swipe and retrieve their print jobs.

Obtaining the Software

1. Download and install the Printing software from  http://el-std-pharos.ufh-student.local/uniprint

2. Select Packages

3. Select UFH Shared Lib and Res Printing, run the installation program that starts.


4. Install and Finish the installation package



To print at the library you require a Staff or Student card with a magnetic trip. A unique number is required to be encoded on the magnetic strip.  Contact the University of Fort Hare Xerox office to assist to encode and link your card number to your email address on our Printing System.

1. The Software Package installs two (2) printers; UFH-Color and UFH-Mono.
2. When printing any document, select one of the UFH- printers and press Print.
3. Enter your email address in the dialog box as below and select Print.

4. Make your way to any printer, swipe your Staff / Student Card and follow the easy prompts on the card reader to release your print jobs.