Book a Boardroom in the Collaborative Library

The following Room mailboxes exists along with their associated delegate accounts.

1. When a booking is required for any of the above rooms, the Room Mailbox Address has to be included as a required attendee, in other words, the Room has to be invited to the meeting like any other person.
2. Once the Room receives its invitation, it will send a mail to its associated delegates for approval. The meeting will reflect as Tentative on the Room Calendar until such time the delegate has approved/denied the meeting.
3. All bookings can be modified or deleted by the meeting requester or by the associated Room Delegate.Anyone can view the Room Availability by accessing the below Calendar Links.

 The Calendars can also be imported into your Mail Client using the following calendar files;

Ground Floor Training Room    Boardroom_EL-Collib_GndTrain.ics
1stFloor Training Room          Boardroom_EL-Collib_1stTrain.ics
2nd Floor Training Room        Boardroom_EL-Collib_2ndTrain.ics
3rdFloor Training Room          Boardroom_EL-Collib_3rdTrain.ics
4thFloor Training Room          Boardroom_EL-Collib_4thMain.ics
5thFloor Training Room         Boardroom_EL-Collib_4thTrai n.ics

Delegate Mailboxes may be accessed from our Office365 Login, or it could be added as an additional account within your existing MS Outlook Profile.
For this exercise, we will make use of to show the steps involved in the booking process.

Send a calendar invitation

From your Email client, create a new Appointment, include the Room mailbox email address, and send.

You may add other attendees into the “To…” field.


b. Confirmation of Calendar Tentative Booking



c. Approval request sent to delegate


d. Tentative Acceptance by the boardroom – Waiting for approval

e. Booking view after approval

f. Approval Confirmation

g. View from Calendar Website