University’s Centenary Program

University’s Centenary Program

There is much to celebrate, for the University has accomplished much during its hundred years of existence. Yet, this is also the time when we, as the Centenary generation, must commit towards vigorously pursuing the vision of a truly world-class South African university with passion, resolve and determination.

The Centenary provides an opportunity to reflect on both the past and the future of the University, but moreover it provides a chance to showcase the Institution. The Centenary celebrations has been designed to reflect the enormous contribution that the University has made in the fields of education, research and community service, but also to focus on how this can be projected into the next century.

It has been designed to celebrate each decade of our existence and reflect on the trails and challenges we have overcome as a university.

University stakeholders will be invited to attend various events and in this way staff and members of Council, current and prospective students, their parents, alumni, Government and its agencies, the local community, donors, representatives of foreign countries, the media, as well as academics from other local and international universities will all have the opportunity of sharing in our celebrations.

A programme of prestigious events and activities has been planned and includes academic occasions such as conferences and special lectures; cultural highlights in the form of music concerts, theatre productions and art exhibitions; competitions, as well as alumni, sports and fundraising events.

To stage these events, our campuses and facilities will be opened and shared with visitors.

The University has decided to celebrate the official day of establishment as 8 February 2016 official. In 2016 this falls on the University Official Opening day.

The University has a unique history and has played a significant role in shaping South Africa and the continent, as one can observe the changes at fort hare and therefore the changes on the African continent followed.

Each decade of existence of the university is evident in the persons that studied at the university and there subsequent participation in the continents direction and aspirations

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