Staff Village

Staff Village

International precedent shows that there are strong correlations between successful universities and colleges, and competitive cities. Global rankings of universities indicate that the top schools are situated in attractive, dynamic urban environments that create conditions for both to perform optimally.

21st century higher education is a globally competitive sector. It’s an expanding environment, and SA universities and colleges, like their counterparts elsewhere, are transforming to leverage their competitive advantages. They are doing this by being niched and networked, both locally and globally.

The University’s positive contribution to community development, urban regeneration, rural development and local economic growth will, in future, depend on dynamic interconnected relationships with Alice, Fort Hare and Lovedale.

Staff accommodation is a critical part of this Interconnectedness. The university, to ensure its position and reputation needs to attract quality staff to ensure high levels of research and education however there is a critical shortage of appropriate academic accommodation in Alice.

Through an Urban Design Plan developed by the university and the town of Allice we envisage a staff village that will enable all city functions and the university to embrace the local community and become agents of urban regeneration, growth and renewal. It will help attract leading academia to enhance academic prestige of the university; it will enable the rural community access to world class facilities, assist the development of Alice as a University Town and bringing economic development to the region.

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