Message from Vice-Chancellor – Dr Mvuyo Tom

Message from Vice-Chancellor – Dr Mvuyo Tom

dr-mvuyo-tom-350The University of Fort Hare will in 2016 celebrate its Centenary. The year marks a hundred years in pursuit of academic excellence, a century in search of African and global knowledge. The academic tradition, character and stature of the University have matured during this time and the University has produced numerous high calibre students.

The celebration of a Centenary is a momentous occasion for the University and is an important milestone. During that year, the University will celebrate its achievements of the past and also reflect on its current position.During its hundred years of existence, the University of Fort Hare has produced many notable alumni and the University values its alumni highly. It is very proud of its alumni, and the alumni can rightly be proud of their university. They, like the University itself, have made enormous contributions to society, locally and abroad.

During the run up to the Centenary and during the year in question the University will make a special effort to build relations with its alumni. The Centenary year also presents the opportunity to extend a warm invitation to all the University’s stakeholders to visit and join in our celebrations – students (past, present and future) and their parents, staff, research partners and other co-operating institutions, industry and commerce, science councils, government, donors, the media and other friends.

A special word of welcome is extended to the representatives of foreign governments who contribute enormously to the research and sustainability of our university.

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