Card Payments

Card Payments

The University of Fort hare has a proud and illustrious history; we shaped some of Africa’s great minds and political heavy weights. For over nearly a century, the University of Fort Hare has produced graduates who have gone on to be leaders and role models for their generations and the next.

The students of today come from very similar backgrounds and circumstances and have all the potential to become future leaders in their own right, given the opportunity to receive the best education.

The successful implementation of the University of Fort Hare Centenary Legacy projects will assist the university provide excellence in education and help develop the skills that are required to develop competitive and relevant students. The university itself will benefit by being able to stand on an equal footing with its peer academic institutions in technological advances and access to knowledge.

Lion starved but strong and still lives on today

We appeal to all who acknowledge the importance of education in uplifting communities and developing a stable and sustainable future to help us realise our vision for Fort Hare and for the future generations of students it will serve. In the words of one of our illustrious alumni Nelson Mandela “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming but vision with action can change the world”.

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