Alice Library Project

The University desires to consolidate the gains made, refresh and revitalize stakeholder commitment, and build an objective programme for its continued growth and sustainable development.The University of Fort Hare, spread over three campuses, has experienced tremendous growth since the three libraries serving these campuses were built. The Alice campus Library was built in the early 1970s, and since then the student and academic populations have increased sixfold.Identified as the University of Fort Hare Alice Library Centenary Project, our aim is to complete this project by 2016, our 100th anniversary.


An accurate estimate to see this vision through has been calculated at R100 million. With the ever-increasing pace in technological advances and new approaches in the use of a university library, the library does not just need to grow in size, but needs to be upgraded and modernised to be a socially interactive and educational space for the 21st century.Our existing library has fallen behind in providing our students with the resources and space needed to meet their educational needs. The proposed extension and upgrading of the currently inadequate Alice campus library facilities will have an enormous impact on the quality of teaching and learning at the University of Fort Hare, and of the graduates it produces.


The upgrading of Fort Hare’s existing library facilities on the Alice campus and the proposed new extension is based on international best practice, and will provide the university community with world-class facilities in an integrated, user-friendly and inspiring environment, conducive to promoting the love of learning and the sharing of knowledge. With a steady increase in the university’s research output being recorded over the past years, the new library will provide the resources to ensure that the University of Fort Hare’s goal of re-establishing its place among the top universities in South Africa will become reality.

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