Technology enhanced Learning (TeL)

eLearning has many definitions, perhaps because it is still a young field of educational enquiry, but also because it is so closely intertwined  with rapidly evolving technologies. In essence, though, most would agree that e-learning is about using computers and telecommunication networks for the purposes of teaching and learning.

It is often described as learning anytime, anywhere... without geographical or scheduling barriers. Primarily e-learning technologies and methodologies allow access to materials, learning experiences and activities beyond the classroom, including interacting with experts and fellow learners, either locally or in other parts of the world.

The possibilities for enhancing learning are significant and exciting, but they are heavily dependent on a number of factors.  At a basic level, both lecturers and students must be computer literate. But the task of the eLearning Unit goes beyond that to a question of agency: the UFH community must not only have access to technology - we should also be empowered to use that technology to make a positive impact in our context. To this end, the TLC offers numerous capacity development opportunities for academic staff:

    Consultation (individuals or groups)
    TALENT (Teaching and Learning Enhanced with Technology) workshop programme
    Design and Development of Web-based Learning module of the PGDHET (may be done as a short course)
    Customised workshops for departments

To start using TeL, please arrange a consultation with the TLC so that we can discuss your requirements.

Brief Guides/Resources/Policies:

Electronic learning UFH concept paper

Getting to know the Blackboard learning system

TeL start-up document

Blackboard exemplary course rubric

Consultants (EL Campus)                                             

Mr Luvuyo Mkonqo                Ms Siyanda Ntlabathi                   Mrs Alanna Riley
+27 (0)43 704 7184                +27 (0)43 704 7031                      +27 (0)43 704 7276               

Consultants (Alice Campus)

Dr Tando Rulashe                 Dr Patricia Muhuro                        Mrs Lulekwa Baleni
+27 (0)40 602 2700               +27 (0)40 602 2703                       +27 (0)40 602 2701