The Teaching Development Grant (TDG) is a funding mechanism of the Department of Higher Education and Training, meant to “improve student success and enhance student learning through a sustained focus on improving the quality and impact of university teachers, teaching and teaching resources” (Ministerial Policy Statement, 2013:5). . Each University submits a Teaching Development  Plan to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Funds are then transferred to the University on the basis of an approved TDG plan. The funds can only be used as set out in the approved plan by the DHET. The approved plan is comprised of inputs from the five faculties.  Any changes or additions to the plan require prior approval from the DHET.

The University of Fort Hare’s approved plan for the 2014 to the 2017 cycle, consists of 5 programmes:

  • Development of teachers and teaching
  • Tutorship and mentorship programme
  • Enhancing the status of teaching
  • Researching teaching and learning
  • University priorities.

Steps to apply for funding from the Teaching Development Grant (based on the approved UFH proposal)

For any further assistance in this regard contact;

Mrs Kolisa Siqoko
+27 (0)43 704 7026