Ms Joni van Heerden

Job Title: 
Consultant: East London Campus

Tel: +27 (0)43 704 7223

I graduated with a Bachelor of Education Degree in 2007 at the University of Fort Hare.  In 2008 I completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Afrikaans and am currently busy completing my Masters.

I joined the TLC in 2006 as a Language and Writing Consultant and was given the opportunity to enrol for the Certificate in the Facilitation of Learning Pilot.  In this time I discovered a new world of education that had never been an option for me.  After studying to be a primary school teacher I discovered that the skills are transferable and that active learning plays an important role in tertiary level education as well.  I am very passionate about working with people and I believe that learning is largely a self-directed process taking place in a social context promoting the construction of knowledge through individual and collective experiences.

My aim as a Teaching and Learning Consultant is to embark on a process of shared learning, with both facilitators and academics.  I believe this ultimately encourages constructive change in perception of self and of institutional practice.  It also aids the establishment of strong learning communities.