About REPS

The first Renewable Energy Postgraduate Student Symposium (REPS) was funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and organized by the DST established Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) at Stellenbosch University in November 2010.  The aim of this annual symposium is to provide postgraduate students conducting research in the different areas of renewable energy the opportunity to present their work to their peers and their supervisors in a welcoming, collegial environment before they progress to presenting their research at other national and international conferences.  To date six Renewable Energy Symposia were held where more than 180 papers have been presented by students studying at ten different universities in South Africa.  For a complete list of papers of past symposia visit: http://www.crses.sun.ac.za/service-conferences 

The 7th REPS will be held at the University of Fort Hare, coinciding with the Centenary Celebrations of the University.  Building on the foundation established by the excellent team at CRSES these past six years, the Department of Science and Technology is confident that this Symposium has seen sufficient growth to enter the next phase where REPS will be hosted by a different institution each year.  For more information on the 7th Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium, please visit: http://www.ufh.ac.za/reps2016