Vice Chancellor's Message


Together in Excellence

Welcome to the University of Fort Hare, South Africa’s leading institution in Agricultural Sciences.  We are honored that you are affording us the opportunity to showcase our excellence through our flagship programmes, in particular our Renewable Energy programme in the Fort Hare Institute of Technology. 

As we celebrate our centenary in 2016, it is only appropriate to celebrate the strides we have made in the energy research condominium.  With multi-facetted scientific and technological solutions, you will enjoy and appreciate the public benefit research that will be presented at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium. 

Being hosted for the first time outside of the University of Stellenbosch, we have given particular attention to shaping the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium 2016 (REPS 2016) into a conducive environment where our scholars, industry and government alike can meaningfully engage in a pact to find sustainable solutions that seek to balance an ever–increasing energy demand with an ever-growing urgency to preserve our environment. 

REPS 2016, a significant marker on our timeline, offers you the prerogative to be part of our centenary celebrations, a defining moment on our path of perpetual growth to greatness.  Sit back and carefully absorb what this historical university has to offer and allow us to share what gives us comfort in the understanding that teaching and learning is a trans–disciplinary matter, to a large degree encompassing humanizing pedagogy and critical thinking. 

We are looking forward to indulging you with our passion as we journey together in excellence during this 7th Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium 2016.


Dr. Mvuyo Tom

Vice Chancellor

University of FORT HARE