Chair Person's Message


Unleashing Sustainable Solutions for a Sustainable Industry 

REPS 2016, the 7th Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium, offers you an excellent opportunity to absorb, captivate, update and discuss the most recent developments in all spheres of renewable energy.  In fact, research findings that will be presented here have in most instances not even been published elsewhere.  This appealing crispness forms the basis for unleashing sustainable solutions for a sustainable industry

We are honored to host this symposium, particularly during the centenary celebrations of the University of Fort Hare.  Since its inception in November 2010 at the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies at Stellenbosch University, this DST (Department of Science and Technology) funded symposium will see a record of more than 90 presentations being delivered in 2016.  The symposium with foci on solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, storage, energy policy and energy resources, provides an admirable platform for the sculpting of multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional research themes, which is of course fundamental to innovative scientific and technological solutions to the intricate Grand Challenge that is Energy

With its focus on affording postgraduate students the prospect of peer appraisal and constructive criticism, REPS 2016 will in addition amalgamate academia, industry and various private and public role players.  What is encouraging is that various stakeholders from within the public sector, with seemingly different mandates yet a common underlying quest to improve quality of life for all, will be sharing the stage to present, debate and interrogate the proposed solutions obtained through postgraduate research activities. 

Postgraduate students, our future leading scientific, technical and political philosophers, provided an impressive programme for REPS 2016 and I look forward to interesting topics and debates and an opportunity to intensely learn, deliberate and form lasting alliances. 

I am indeed pleased to welcome you to Alice, the home of FORT HARE, which one hundred years ago was established as the first South African Native College near the ruins of John Hare’s military post.  And like one hundred years ago, I am sure the first Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium at FORT HARE will energize and inspire you for years to come.


Prof. Edson L. Meyer


Renewable and Sustainable Energy Postgraduate Symposium 2016