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Alice (Main) Campus:
Private Bag X 1314, King William's Town Road, 5700
Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Tel: 040 602 2003/4/5


East London Campus:
Private Bag X 9083, 50 Church Street, 5201
East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Tel: 043 7047322

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Bid Reference Number: 
Bid Method: 
Limited Bidding
Bid Description: 

Provision of Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installation in respect of the Collaborative Library Project

Bid Status: 
Successful Bidder: 
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Important Information


 University of Fort Hare Supplier Registration-Form

Supply Chain Management Policy and Procedures


Formal Bid documents can be obtained from the office of the Supply Chain Management, through payment of a non-refundable amount of R350.00 for ICT Bids and R500.00 for Construction Bid only per bid document (One copy). The account details are:

Bank Name:       Standard Bank Account Name:  University of Fort Hare Account Number:   082746524

Branch Name:         Alice

Branch Code:          050119

Reference:         Bid reference and Bidder’s company name

(Proof of payment must be shown upon collection of the formal tender document. Documents can be collected during office hours between 8h00 to 16h30 as from Monday, 05 June   2017.



Bids shall be evaluated based on the following;

Phase One: Attendance of a compulsory pre-tender briefing (where applicable) and payment for the bid document

Full Compliance to the mandatory conditions as outlined below (Bidders that meet the all mandatory requirements proceed to phase two of the evaluation criteria, and failure to meet anyone of the mandatory conditions on this phase automatically disqualifies your bid from proceeding to the next phase of the evaluation)

Phase Two: (Where functionality is applicable) Pre-qualification functionality evaluation criteria. In this phase, bidders are expected to obtain a minimum of 70 out of 100 points available to proceed to the next phase of the evaluation. Failure to obtain prescribed 70 points will automatically disqualify the bid offer from proceeding to the next phase (Full evaluation elements criteria of this phase are contained in the tender document)

Phase Three: 80/20 Preference points system shall apply to all those bidders that have progress to this phase. 80 points shall represent points allocated for price wherein the cheapest price obtains maximum 80 points, while 20 points shall represent BBBEE points wherein level one BBBEE contributor shall get maximum points. (To claim BBBEE points, a valid BBBEE certificate issued by SANAS approved verification agency issued must be attached and relevant form contained in the tender document must be completed).


BID CONDITIONS: Bidders shall take note of the following tender  conditions:

  • All mandatory requirements as per phase one of the evaluation criteria must be complied with, failure to meet any of the mandatory requirements will result in your bid being non-responsive and therefore disqualified.
  • Late bids will not be accepted. Any late arrival in the compulsory briefing before 30min., shall automatically disqualify your bid offer for consideration.
  • Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) principles will apply, whereby a bidder’s submission will be evaluated according to the sum of the Award of Points in respect of the tender value and the BBBEE status of the enterprise:

         80 Points for Price

         20 Points for BEE status

  • Bidders must submit an original valid SARS Tax Clearance Certificate with their tender, in order to be considered
  • Bidders are required to submit Audited and Signed financial statements of the latest two financial periods.
  • Telegraphic, telexed or faxed tenders will not be considered. The lowest or any tenders need not necessarily be accepted and these projects may not be awarded to the most favourable bidder, if it is deemed that the bidder is over-committed.
  • An award shall be made in accordance with the University Supply Chain Management Policy.
  • In cases of Joint Venture bid submission, it is compulsory that the parties in the Joint Venture must have worked on no less than three previous projects of similar nature and size. Furthermore, a Joint Venture valid BBBEE certificate must be submitted in order to claim any points for BBBEE credentials, failure of which will result in no points allocated for BBBEE credentials.



Valid original bid offers must be submitted on or before 26 July 2017 at 11h00, in the tender box (Yellow and Blue Box) situated on the foyer, at 50 Church Street, Administration Building or by post to address: 50 Church Street, Gasson Building, Room 426, 4th Floor, Quigney, East London, 5200.



For further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call the Supply Chain Management office on (043) 704 7251.

University of Fort Hare reserves the right not to make any award in respect of the above   bid.