UFH Blues captain positive and looking forward to the next match

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Somila Jho the UFH Blues Captain is in a positive mood ahead of their clash with Rhodes University at BCM Stadium 16h30 tomorrow in East London. This is despite the University of Fort Hare team losing 36 – 22 to WSU All Blacks. When asked about what went wrong in that particular match – Somila said “that game is history and there is not much to talk about, except for giving credit to the opposition team.


WSU were good on Monday and took every opportunity that was there for the taking and used it to their advantage. Somila continued to say “They capitalized heavily on our mistakes such as handling errors, decision making and execution throughout the night. As I said a team like WSU All Blacks will rip you apart if you are not well organised and don’t look after the ball. Having said that – we take nothing away from the team’s efforts and obviously we will have to double our efforts going forward like our hooker Mkhonto Bhazuka Cakucaku did on Monday night. He was really outstanding and I am sure with that kind of an effort, all of us can be inspired going forward.


The Blues are now looking forward to their next match today against Rhodes and are convinced that they can come out victorious. Lubumba Curry, the blues coach said “a lot of mentorship has gone into our preparations as there is not much physical preparations we could do considering that we had only two days to recover before our next assignment against Rhodes University. Curry went on to say “we are really looking forward to our next game and a million thanks to all our supporters from fellow students, UFH top management, academics, UFH community at large – we really appreciate the support.


The Blues next match details are as follows:







Entrance fee: All UFH students with 2019 student cards or wearing black and gold will go in for free.