All the staff members listed below are based in East London Campus.

Prof J Rautenbach (Head of Department and Associate Professor) 

Research Interests:Relationships, Marriage, Clinical Social Work, Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis; Concept Analysis and Evidence Based Practice.

 043 704 7045                                                                                     

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Dr M Herselman (Lecturer)  

Research Interests:Children Placement, Adoption, Anti-discriminatory Social Work Supervised Practise, Children’s Act, and Child protection.

 043 704 7042                                                                                     


Mr S Mbona (Lecturer)

Research Interests: Adventure/Wilderness Therapy, Restorative Justice,                      Human Trafficking, Diversion Programmes, Law in Social Work.

  043 704 7362    


Mrs S Mbuti  (Administrator)

  043 704 7032   


  All the staff members listed below are based in Alice Campus.

Dr V.P.P Lupuwana (Deputy Head of Department and Senior Lecturer)

Research Interests: Clinical Social Work, Violence, Community Development, EAP, Children. 

 040 602 2234   

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Prof P Tangwe-Tanga (Professor)

Research Interests:    Social protection, Child rights, Evidence based-practice, HIV/AIDS, gender issues, community development and entrepreneurship.

 040 602 2195                                                                                           


Dr T Nomngcoyiya (Lecturer)

Research InterestsSocial Work and Culture, Community Development and Children in conflict

  040 602 2342                                                                                 

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Prof S Kang’ethe (Associate Professor )

Research Interests:  Specialist in HIV/AIDS and Gender Related Dynamics, Clinical Social Work research Social Work Policy Community Development and Social Work and Social Enterprise.

 040 602 2420                                                                                      

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Ms T Mxotwa-Ndindwa (Senior Lecturer)

Research Interests:  Cultural Marriages (Ukuthwala), Polygamy and Cultural Practices

 040 602 2194  

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Dr E Hendricks (Lecturer) 

Research InterestsAdolescent Pregnancy, Conflict Management, School Violence, Child Rights, Sexual Education, Gender Equality

 040 602 2192 

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Rev M Mpiyane (Field Coordinator)

Research Interests:    FBO’s and Poverty, and Supervision and Management in Social Work. Community Development and Group Work.


  040 602 2179 

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Dr. R Kajiita (Post-doctoral Research Fellow)

Research Interests:    Non-profit organizations, Social entrepreneurship, Community development, Social welfare and policy and Sustainable development. 

  040 602 2179  

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Ms M James    (Administrator)

  040 602 2554