All the staff members listed below are based in East London Campus.


Prof C.M Uwah (Head of Department)

Research InterestsLiterature, Drama, Poetry, and Community Engagement.

  043 704 7292                                                                                                                  

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Dr T Kirton (Lecturer)

Research Interests:Literature and Sociolinguistics 

  043 704 7162 

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Dr G Ullyatt (Lecturer)

Research InterestsMary Oliver’s oeuvre; Buddhist philosophy;

American poetry and Creative Writing

  043 704 7165 

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Prof J Mkhize  (Lecturer)

Research InterestsLiterature,  Marxist Literary Theories, Narratology and Ideology.

  043 704 7165 

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All the staff members listed below are based in Alice Campus.


Dr S Zhou (Deputy Head of Department)

Research Interests: Language Contact, Language Pedagogy, Multilingualism, Translanguaging, Sociolinguistics-Onomastics Interface, Postcolonial Literary Practice 

  040 602 2438                                                                                                                  

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Mr T Mndebele (Lecturer)

Research Interests:South African, African, African American and Diasporic Literatures  

  040 602 2346                                                                                                                  

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Prof A Wood (Associate Professor)

Research Interests: ?????????????

  040 602 2234    

Dr N Landa (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Research Interests:Language, Translanguaging, Communication Theory, Genre Studies, Gender Justice and the Media.

  040 602 2345    

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